The World’s Most Exciting Enzyme Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase EnzymeSerrapeptase is a protein destroying enzyme that is derived from bacteria in the digestive system of silkworms. It has the unique ability to break down and destroy non-living tissue in the human body. In nature, this enzyme dissolves a silkworm’s cocoon, freeing the butterfly. Check out the official serrapepetase website.

In Europe and Asia, it is marketed primarily for its anti-inflammatory properties and is a highly regarded medication with clinical use that spans over twenty five years. In the United States, it is marketed as a health supplement. Numerous individual testimonies are given throughout the internet regarding its positive health benefits.

Its unique qualities allow Serrapeptase to liquefy mucus and reduce phlegm buildup and nasal discharge. It has also proven beneficial in improving lung symptoms of cystic fibrosis. Dr. Hans Nieper was the German physician who had great success in promoting normal heart and circulatory system health with this amazing enzyme. He found that this enzyme could dissolve blood clots and could effectively dissolve atherosclerotic plaque without damage to the healthy cells along the arterial wall. Some studies have shown improvement in the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome with the use of this enzyme.

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Improve Your Health With Amazing Enzymes

Microscope,jpgEnzymes may not be as popular conventions medicine or your favorite vitamins. But research studies confirm that enzymes improve health and in some instances are successful treatment for many diseases. For the most part, Americans are not generally socialized to seek out an enzyme to correct a medical problem.

Enzymes perform many functions in the maintenance of the human body. Dr. Edward Howell is the doctor recognized at father of enzyme therapy for his research. He believed that enzymes are an integral component that give us life. However, modern medicine generally ignores this fact, and underestimates their true potential in overall health.